Made in Germany

Impressing customers with our reliability and new ideas.

We want to impress our customers! For only satisfied customers foster a sustainable business partnership and motivate us to promote the development of individual products and services with new ideas.

We are therefore committed and work conscientiously towards going beyond simply satisfying our customers. Our power of innovation makes an important contribution towards achieving this. On the basis of the industry-specific experience and interdisciplinary teamwork of experts from the VOM HOFE Group, we adapt the material properties to suit customer-specific requirements or extend the application options for our products to our usual high quality standard.

We impress our customers with services which span the entire service life of our products, and optimise the long-term value of our products and the cost effectiveness of the production processes in an ongoing improvement process.

We also ensure the constant high quality of our fine rope and lifting technology products with targeted investments in modern production facilities.

Our aim is that you recommend us to others!