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Our efficient, mobile, on-site inspection service

The mobile on-site inspection service is available for you with state-of-the-art inspection vehicles and a qualified team of experienced specialists wherever your lifting slings and load suspension equipment are being used. With a torque test and a test rig for dynamic product tests, the vehicles offer special testing capabilities, effectively extending our range of services.

In accordance with German operational safety regulations and professional trade association regulations, we test, service and repair the following lifting slings and load suspension equipment wherever your lifting technology is used, or at our specialist company immediately after sending the products:

Load suspension equipment and accessories (BGR 500, chapter 2.8) Chain slings, sling rope, steel wire rope, fibre rope, webbing slings, round slings, load fastening points, lashing chains, accessories
Manual lifting gear (BGV D 8) Blocks and tackles, ratchet hoists, manual cable pulls, motorised cable pulls, steel winches, crane trolleys, wall winches, rope pulleys, wire rope blocks.
Load suspension equipment (BGR 500, chapter 2.8) Chain slings, sling rope, steel wire rope, fibre rope, webbing slings, round slings, load fastening points, lashing chains, accessories
Personal protective equipment against falls from a height (BGR 198 and BGR 199) Safety harnesses, restraints, safety rope, fasteners, fall arresters, accessories, safety cages
Crane devices (BGV D 6 (VBG 9, section 26)) Workshop cranes, electric cable pulls, electric chain blocks
Zusätzlich (BGR 232) Kraftbetriebene Fenster, Türen und Tore, Leitern, Tritte und Fahrgerüste

Our qualified specialists will quickly and reliably check the legally prescribed criteria for you, and will subsequently issue you with detailed documentation of the findings. And if any service work is ever required, the damage will be immediately rectified on site by our experienced staff thanks to a comprehensive range of replacement parts on board our inspection vehicles.

Thanks to our mobile on-site inspection service, you not only increase the availability of your lifting technology, you also increase the value retention of your lifting slings and load suspension equipment by carrying out a regular inspection.

Our inspection service encompasses the following areas:

Collection of data
The quantity and type of lifting slings is established. Existing documentation (e.g. inspection sheets) is collated or supplemented.

Visual inspection
The condition of the components and safety devices, as well as the correct assembly thereof, is determined by means of a manual inspection (visual inspection).

Check of dimensions and operation
During this check, the strands and individual components of chain slings, for example, are inspected for any abnormal dimensions caused by expansion, wear and tear, etc. The function of the safety devices is also checked at the same time.

Check for flaws in chain slings
Chain slings are subject to a separate technical/physical check by our qualified staff to ensure that they are free from any flaws. The complete check includes the fittings components.

Load test for lifting gear
For lifting gear, we also carry out a dynamic load test on our test rigs, which are specially designed for this purpose, to ensure that the braking device functions properly.

Faulty lifting slings and equipment which do not comply with safety requirements will be repaired by us with the agreement of the customer.

Tests and servicing will be documented by us and we will provide you with a hard copy (test certificate) or file, e.g. on a CD, as your proof to present to the professional trade association.

Further information on tests: BGR 500 (German professional trade association regulations), part 1, chapter 2.8 – “Load suspension devices in hoist operation”

Download: Engelmann inspection service flyer