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ENGELMANN – Power of innovation for fine rope

Our core expertise lies in fabricating special designs

With our wealth of experience and the process knowledge we have gained over the years, we are able to produce any desired rope characteristic and function to our standard superior quality by selecting specific materials, constructions and process technology. We therefore create the perfect conditions for offering solutions tailored to individual customers with maximum cost efficiency.

Special designs
The choice of material, construction and surface quality is determined by the essential characteristics of the fine rope for your applications.

Single wire diameter: 0.025 mm to 0.80 mm in diameter
Product diameter: 0.06 mm to 3.50 mm in diameter

We fabricate the following materials:
Stainless steel: all standard types
Steel: raw, galvanised and tin-plated
Non-ferrous metals: e.g. copper, brass, tombac, phosphor bronze Gold, Silber, Platin
Precious metals:cotton
Synthetic fibres: polyester and aramid
Special materials: e.g. resistant to high temperatures, corrosion and expansion, such as Incoloy®, Inconel®, Invar® and nickel-based alloys.
Link: Brief introduction to materials

The material properties, such as strength, expansion etc., can be adapted to the relevant application.

For special applications, we also produce strands and rope from several materials, known as hybrid strands and rope.
These may be made of: Copper and steel; polyester and aramid; cotton and brass; copper and aramid; steel and aramid, to name just a few.

Properties such as strength, flexibility and low rotation can be influenced by means of defined strand and rope constructions. We will produce any construction with the appropriate dimensions to suit your application, e.g. 1×2, 1×3, 1+4, 1×5, 1×11, 3×7, 7×3, 19×7 etc., to name just a few.
Link: Brief introduction to materials

Surface quality
We produce your strands and rope with the surface quality you desire: raw, lubricated, cleaned, covered with engineering plastics or with a metallic coating, e.g. gold, silver or platinum.

Coatings made from special plastics, for example, protect the surfaces of the rope and strands from dirt and environmental influences, and guarantee good sliding properties as well as a special surface quality. (See also coating materials)

Assembled fine rope
We supply the strands and rope to suit your requirements, whether cut to the correct length or supplied by the metre on a spool. The correct rope end termination, made of the appropriate material and pre-assembled, increases the functionality of our fine rope in accordance with customer requirements.

Fine rope in standard sizes always in stock
In addition to special designs, we also have high-quality, stainless steel fine rope with standard diameters of 0.09 mm to 2.00 mm in stock, ready for delivery. This includes spiral rope with 1×7 and 1×19 constructions, as well as stranded rope with 7×7 and 7×19 constructions.

More information can be found in our fine rope manual: Download PDF