Made in Germany

The robust lifting gear for universal use for pulling, lifting, tightening and securing over large distances

Our virtually maintenance-free manual cable pulls display their performance potential over longer distances in particular, with pulling capacities of 800 kg, 1600 kg and 3200 kg.

The lightweight, manual and easy-to-use cable pulls feature a compact and slimline compound lever in an impact and rust-resistant housing made of a high-strength aluminium alloy with a high reciprocal value of modulus of elasticity.

Due to the precise friction bearing point and an optimised gear ratio, the leverage of the user is transferred directly to the rope feed. A superior clamping technology, which is due to pairs of clamping jaws that are arranged in parallel and made of a heat-treated material, guarantees extremely low wear and tear of the clamping jaws and a low surface pressure on the traction rope.

A high level of operational safety is guaranteed by means of two-stage protection against excess loads. If there is an excess load of 25%, the shear pin located in the forward gear lever shears off. This can be replaced under full load without relieving the strain on the traction rope. If there is an excess load of 50%, the tube of the operating lever is deformed.

An opening on the top edge of the housing facilitates quick and easy cleaning of even heavily soiled manual cable pulls.

A 5 year guarantee conforming to the VDMA, TÜV approval and the DGUV/GS test certificate are a guarantee for the high quality standard of our manual cable pulls and make them an indispensable tool in the various areas of use, e.g. in the construction and oil industry, plant construction and mechanical engineering, the energy provision and line construction sector, agriculture and forestry, civil engineering and road construction, in the military, as well as for recovery and emergency services.