Made in Germany

Securely strapped in place when on the move – ENGELMANN lashing straps for safe transportation

Securing a load is a matter of trust. That is why our lashing straps are produced with the utmost precision and tested with all due diligence.
For securing heavy loads, we supply lashing chains in grades 8 and 10 (conforming to EN 12195, part 3) in the nominal sizes of 6.0 to 13.0 mm in diameter.

Loads from the general transportation of goods can be secured quickly using our impregnated and thermoset lashing strips made of polyester fabric (conforming to EN 12195, part 2). The straps have a reliable lashing force of 500 to 5000 daN for strip widths from 25 to 75 mm.

Accessories such as abrasion and edge protectors, as well as anti-slip mats, also protect the load.